Industrial Production Planing & Real Time Monitoring System
Real Time Production Management

RFID in Childrens Wear Factory

RFID in Manufacturing Industries

What is the RFID electronic ticket system?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, commonly known as electronic tag), installs an RFID e-reader on the parking space. The worker brushes the ticket card after finishing the clothes and collects the worker’s production information in real time: real-time on the workshop site. Management, scheduling, and efficiency improvements.

Advantanges of RFID wireless electronic machine

First, the best tools for on-site management of the workshop

1. Instant statistical production data
2. Improve worker performance and on-site improvement
3. Improve production management level

 Support large-capacity data

1. Support tens of thousands of workstations to operate concurrently
2. With data Increase the speed of the station machine as fast
3. Super data acquisition platform

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