EM Library System

The electromagnetic EAS system creates a low frequency electromagnetic field (fundamental frequencies between 70 Hz and 1 kHz are typically used) between two pedestals at an exit or checkout aisle. The field continuously varies in strength and polarity, repeating a cycle from positive to negative and back to positive again. With each half cycle, the polarity of the magnetic field between the pedestals changes.

EM Tags

Deactivatable and Permanent EM Strip Tags used in the libraries. They are self adhesive and are suitable for any packaging or hard surfaces. Deactivatable tags can be deactivated or activated by the units. Deactivatable tags are mainly used in retail stores and circulating libraries. Permanent tags as the name implies, cannot be deactivated. They are used mainly in the reference libraries, computer rooms and video rental stores.


Bright and viewing because of the best acrylic. It can read the tags in three dimensional orientation. The rang of the channel can reach up to 90cm.It supports AFI,EAS ,multi antennas using and can work offline. Meanwhile it can auto- statistic  the ID in and out. It is mainly  used in the book anti-theft, conference attendances, access control, cargo tracking etc.

EAS Clients

EAS book detection systems based on RF/EM Technologies offered against this tender have already been supplied and installed by us at a number of universities/campuses where these systems are giving excellent service since over 9 years when the first EAS was installed    at Bahria University Islamabad. Till date we have installed these systems at the libraries of the following universities/campuses.

EM LMS Portfolio

Habib University, Karachi

Bahria University, Islamabad

Health University, Lahore

National Textile University, Faisalabad

NFC Institute

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