Integrated With KOHA

DDS Koha is web based, so there is no software to install on desktop computers, and DDS hosting services means that no servers are required in the libraries. DDS IT experts manage all upgrades, backups and general system maintenance, and the Library’s local IT staff can focus on the Library’s many other projects.

Integrated With Virtua

From improved workflow management to powerful, flexible, and convenient access to information, Virtua provides a complete library solution. Engineered for the flexibility and ease of use that library patrons and staff demand, vtls-Virtua lets you set the rules and parameters that work best for your library.

Virtua is a trademark of its respective Company

Virtua is a full-function library management system, providing control over workflows for circulation, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, course reserves, and more. It’s scalable to support everything from small libraries to some of the world’s largest institutions and consortia. And our Software as a Service option provides easy implementation without hardware procurement or technical staff.

Key Features

Support for RDA:Virtua fully supports RDA cataloging with configurable views, customizable validation routines, and links to the RDA Toolkit. Optional support for RDA Scenario One supports FRBR record relationships that make it possible for users to search once to retrieve all related materials, even if those materials exist in different editions, different languages, and are cataloged with variant titles.
Archival Needs Managed:Archives Management functionality allows for a flexible hierarchical display of records based on the General International Standard Archival Description.
Reporting Capabilities: InfoStation is a web-based, user friendly statistics and reporting tool that helps you monitor and manage the activities of your library.
Materials Booking:The item booking feature makes it easy for library staff and patrons to schedule use of resources such as books, equipment, and meeting rooms.

Maximized Multi-Tasking Capabilities:Multiple windowing and single-click access to functions allow staff to perform duties efficiently both within and across all modules, resulting in time saved for both patrons and staff.
Customizable Workflows:Tailor workflows to best suit your preferences and procedures. Custom displays and staff ermissions allow further streamlining.

Integrated With Symphony

Symphony combines top-notch, stable architecture with next-generation design. Combined with BLUEcloud technology, Symphony gives you the flexibility of web-based interfaces and eResource integration with the security of a proven back end. Additionally, most of the BLUEcloud products are included in your Symphony maintenance.

Symphony is a trademark of its respective Company

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