Compact and affordable

“MOSS – The world’s most compact and economical OES in the world. Ever!” Small size. Big Performance! IMMENSE RESULTS MOSS heralds a true breakthrough in OES technology. It is by far the most economical spectrometer ever made – with prices starting at about half those of conventional OES! Don’t be taken in by the size and the price however. This is a true Powerhouse offering detection limits even down to 50 ppm! Now, every firm, however small can afford a truly powerful OES with phenomenal performance – and unparalleled quality and economy!


  • High accuracy and precision
  • Upgradable seamlessly without limit
  • Capable of Nitrogen analysis
  • 30+ elements across bases
  • Multi-base capability
  • Fully digital current-controlled source
  • Most economical OES ever
  • 2,000+ burns per cylinder!

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