Digital Data Systems

radio frequency identification (RFID)

Our practice areas

RFID systems revolutionize industries by enabling seamless object identification and data tracking. From enhancing supply chain management to optimizing healthcare operations, our RFID solutions pave the way for efficiency, security, and innovation. Join us on the journey of transforming how businesses operate in the digital age.

Retail Management Solution

Revolutionize Your Retail Management Strategy with Cutting-Edge RFID Technology. Discover the future of retail management with our state-of-the-art RFID solutions. Seamlessly integrate RFID into your operations to unlock unparalleled inventory accuracy and efficiency. Elevate customer experiences through RFID-enabled checkout processes that reduce wait times and enhance satisfaction. Prevent theft and shrinkage with instant detection of unauthorized item movements. Elevate your retail business with technology that goes beyond embracing the future, today.

Asset Management Solution

Transform your asset management approach with the cutting-edge capabilities of RFID technology. Whether it's equipment, vehicles, or valuable items, RFID streamlines the tracking process, reducing human error and saving precious time. Enjoy enhanced data accuracy and automation as RFID tags seamlessly communicate with your management system. Make informed decisions with comprehensive insights into asset utilization and maintenance needs. From minimizing loss to maximizing efficiency, our RFID-driven solutions empower you to take control of your assets like never before. Upgrade to the future of asset management today and experience the seamless synergy of technology and control.

Head count Managment System

An RFID-powered headcount management system introduces a new era of precision by seamlessly tracking personnel movements in real-time. Whether it's for security, attendance tracking, or emergency response, RFID technology ensures a comprehensive and automated approach. Accurate headcounts can be crucial in various industries. With RFID, you can instantly account for individuals, streamline operations, and enhance safety protocols. Step into a world of smarter, more streamlined headcount management, where accuracy meets innovation.

Warehouse MAnagement Solution

Unlock Unparalleled Efficiency in Warehouse Management with RFID Technology. Experience real-time visibility and precise inventory tracking that eliminates errors and supercharges stock management. Our RFID-powered solutions streamline receiving and shipping processes, revolutionizing your workflow efficiency. Embrace enhanced security with automated inventory checks and access monitoring, mitigating risks and fortifying protection. Elevate your warehouse into a realm of optimized resources, agile performance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction with RFID technology a true game-changer in modern warehouse management.

Visitor management system

Welcome a new era of efficiency and security to your premises with our RFID-powered visitor and contractor management system. With RFID technology, access control becomes streamlined, granting authorized entry while maintaining a detailed digital record of comings and goings. From corporate offices to high-traffic venues, our solution ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience for both visitors and hosts. Elevate your facility's safety and guest experience with technology that empowers you to maintain control with ease and precision. Embrace the future of visitor and contractor management today and witness the transformation of your premises into a secure and efficient environment.

Garment Managment System

Elevate Garment Management with RFID Precision.  Bid farewell to manual inventory tracking and usher in a new era of efficiency with real-time visibility into your garment inventory. Washable RFID tags seamlessly interact with your management system, providing accurate information on garment location, stock levels, and movement. From warehouses to retail floors, streamline processes, reduce errors, and save valuable time. Our RFID-powered solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of the garment industry. Embrace the future of garment management and witness the transformation of your operations through the seamless integration of RFID technology.

Handheld Reader

Wing820 UHF RFID

  • Different communication interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, USB).
  • Long Read Distance > 15M.
  • Small Inventory App for direct use Free demo, sample code, SDK.
  • Hight protection IP65 level.

OUr Products

Android Integrated RFID reader HH100

  • Octa-core, open Android 9.0 OS.
  • Higher Sensitivity -85dbm.
  • Web platform support HttpPost, MQTT, remote control.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/4G all built-in.
  • LED alarm to show reading/working status.
  • IP67 level max for all weather.

IoT Android Smart RFID Reader

  • Open development environment based on Android OS.
  • Supports HTTP POST communication to send tag data directly to a web URL.
  • RJ45, RS485, Wiegand, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G.
  • Supports RSSI and tag data filtering.
  • Support antenna port detection, online updates.
  • Supports sending data to database directly.
  • Supports MQTT to send data to cloud servers in real-time.