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Modular Design

Fully modular in its build, the instrument has optimized isolation of sub-systems to deliver twin benefits.

Recognised for excellence

Auto-identification of grade and matrix 60+ elements in standard calibrations; including low N, O, C, H etc.

Ecnomical for every aspect

Delivering 2,000+ burns per cylinder, it sets a new benchmark for Argon consumption.

Fully digital controlled source

The world’s most compact and economical OES in the world. Ever!” Small size. Big Performance!

Metavision X Series


  • Wavelength range from 120-800 nm to cover 50+ elements
  • Ultra-low detection limits for Carbon,Nitrogen, Oxygen etc.
  • Trace analysis across all key elements in all types of metals and alloys
  • Time-resolved spectrometry (TRS),soluble-insoluble analysis

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Metavision I Series

Metavision i-Series spectrometers deliver high resolution and low detection limits with high accuracy

  • Wavelength range from 130-670 nm to cover 40+ elements
  • Low level analysis for Carbon, Nitrogen and key elements across applications
  • Optimised for analysis of high-purity metals and alloys including Aluminium, Copper, Lead,Zinc etc.
  • Comprehensive range of diagnostic and safety features

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Metavision N Series

The Metavision N-Series spectrometers are designed to deliver industry-leading performance.

  • Rugged, stable, precise and industry-leading price-performance ratio
  • Multi-base capability for seamless upgrades at any point in time
  • Wavelength range from 160-410 nm to cover all key elements across all metals and alloys
  • Analytical capabilities across 30+ elements including Carbon, Nitrogen, Sodium, Lithium etc.

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“MOSS – The world’s most compact and economical OES in the world. Ever!” Small size. Big Performance! IMMENSE RESULTS MOSS heralds a true breakthrough in OES technology. It is by far the most economical spectrometer ever made

  • Most economical OES ever with High accuracy and precision
  • Upgradable seamlessly without limit , Capable of Nitrogen analysis
  • 30+ elements across bases
  • 2,000+ burns per cylinder!
  • Fully digital current-controlled source

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Industry Leading Managed Services and High Standard Solutions

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